NR - Discussion of Principality for North

Nathan W. Jones njones at
Thu Mar 19 10:53:57 PST 1998

Ulfie wrote:

> Since you brought it up, how can we, as interested and active members of
> this kingdom, promote the course of action you espouse?

Ah, Ulf, you already know the answer to that one!  Travel, travel, travel!

I think what scares more people about forming a principality is the concept of
borders.  Travel and visibility break down borders.  The hypethetical coronet
could have to travel all over the principlaity and also out amongst the rest of
the kingdom.  The most damaging thing to do would be to have the attitude of
"now we have our royals, so scr*w you."

For the populace as a whole, it wouldn't really change much.  Those who play
kingdom-wide now, would probably continue to do so, and those who don't, won't.


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