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Leslie Miller Miller at
Thu Mar 19 11:02:06 PST 1998

> > Kat said:
> > > leadership of the new principality will have to be just as committed 
> > > to Ansteorra as a whole as they are to their new area.  Anything less 
> > > will allow friction and cause hard feelings.
> > Ulf asked:
> > Since you brought it up, how can we, as interested and active members of
> > this kingdom, promote the course of action you espouse?

I think the way the principality is founded will have a big impact.  
It needs to be founded with the understanding that we are not 
trying to split with the kingdom; and it needs to be created/founded 
in ways that honor the kingdom using heraldry, names, propaganda etc. 

One of the reasons I personally like "Nordsteorra" is because it is 
so close to Ansteorra in name and sound.  It honors the kingdom name, 
and yet points out that we are the northern region of the kingdom.  
(Plus, Ulf has already written that really cool song!) I would argue 
that our heraldry should reflect the connection, too, like Ansteorra 
took Atenveldt's sun.  "Ah ye folk in Atenveldt, oh have you heard it 
said, that the sun upon your banner has turned to bloody red."  
Propaganda.... "A northern principality for a stronger Ansteorra!"  
Maybe that isn't entirely propaganda, but I think you know what I 

It would be important for the leaders in the beginning to set the 
tone by making strong public displays of kingdom loyalty.  They'll 
need to strike a fine line between kingdom emphasis and principality 
fervor with its accompanying broohaha and patriotic chest thumping.  
Any patriotic chest thumping should be accompanied with lots of cries 
of "Ansteorra!" 

You know, we already have a fairly strong regional identity.  
According to Gio we already have a unique culture.  Despite some 
arguments I've heard to the contrary, I believe that our already 
established regional offices will translate fairly readily into 
principality offices.  We all get along fairly well as our treaty of 
mutual protection reflects.  If people could remain calm and rational 
about it and approach it with a sense of fun, we *could* establish a 
principality without scaring the rest of the kingdom (as well as 
the non-principality people here) into thinking that we're on our way 
out the door with an excess of regional fever. 


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