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Lori Campbell LCAMPBEL at
Wed Mar 18 17:11:01 PST 1998

> Kat said:
> > leadership of the new principality will have to be just as committed 
> > to Ansteorra as a whole as they are to their new area.  Anything less 
> > will allow friction and cause hard feelings.

> Ulf asked:
> Since you brought it up, how can we, as interested and active members of
> this kingdom, promote the course of action you espouse?

There should be as many ideas for this as there are concerned 
members, but my ideas would probably begin something like this...

Your people, especially your leaders, will have to believe that 
Ansteorra's welfare is equally or more important than that of the new 
principality.  Everyone must be able to communicate this feeling 
well.  As soon as people start placing principality loyalties above 
kingdom, then an eventual split between the two entities is 

Think about who your Ruling Nobles may be for the first several  
years (i.e. who are the regions excellent fighters and who are their 
ladies).  Are they all people you trust to build your principality 
with the goals that you, as concerned members, hold dear at the 
start?  Do they support the principality, as well?  Who will your 
officers be?  These will be the people who will represent you to the 
rest of Ansteorra.    

Don't quit supporting your kingdom.  Fly kingdom *and* 
principality ensigns, etc.  

Attend Kingdom events and, if you can't, support the people who do.  
Attending an event elsewhere in the kingdom isn't being disloyal to
the principality, it *is* showing loyalty to the kingdom.  It will 
be very important to realize that your people must be recognized 
throughout *Ansteorra*  in order to become peers.  

I'm sure there are other ideas out there, if anyone else would like 
to jump in....  :-)

-  Kat   
Lori Campbell
lcampbel at

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