NR - Discussion of Principality for North

John Ruble jruble at
Thu Mar 19 08:57:19 PST 1998

Kat said:
> The trick will be to make it clear to the kingdom that a principality 
> is formed to benefit the region, not to destroy kingdom unity.  The 
> leadership of the new principality will have to be just as committed 
> to Ansteorra as a whole as they are to their new area.  Anything less 
> will allow friction and cause hard feelings.
Well said.  We should remember that while Nordsteorra may eventually
become a principality, a new principality might form elsewhere.  These
sentiments need to apply to both situations.  Those who are not part of
a principality need to foster and support those who are.  And vice
versa.  I know it's cliché, but "United we stand..."

Since you brought it up, how can we, as interested and active members of
this kingdom, promote the course of action you espouse?


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