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Thu Mar 19 07:06:40 PST 1998

Annais announced:
> That's great... so you like that name.. And when you were NR herald,
> that was
> your title.   But why in the world name a P~ for a herald?!?  That
> would say
> to me Northern Ansteorra is a bunch of heralds.. that is the strongest
> point
> of that area.. and we all know that that is a flat out lie... To me,
> naming
> the Northern p~ "Nordsteorra" is moot.  We can't ... that is a tiltle
> that is
> in use... I think we need to come up w/ a different name that is just
> as
> beautiful, and conveys the same idea.
The principality would not be being named for the herald; the herald was
named for the region of the kingdom, northern Ansteorra.  This would
just be giving the name back.  The practice of naming a herald for a
region is quite period.  Please ask the mundane Norroy Herald or Ulster
Herald if you have any questions.

As far as it being a title in use... It is a registered name, and as
such can be transferred.

> Ulfie, I think you may have missed the point... I do not want to see
> paper
> work bypass the kingdom again.  And to see the people who send the
> paperwork
> and proposals do so from their living room and excluding the majority
> of the
> population of the North.  I do not want to see people be left out of
> that
> process, unless it is their wish.
Annais, it sounds like you are talking about a non-principality issue.
As such, it doesn't have bearing on this particular thread.  I cannot
think of anything in several years where someone up here has tried to
change the status of a branch or group of branches "behind the backs" of
the majority of the populace.  If there is, expound upon it.  Otherwise,
start up a separate thread to discuss this subversion.
> Blue?... OK we can do blue... as long as there is some masonry
> somewhere in it
> too........ 
The herald in me screams: "NO MASONRY!!!"  Branch arms should exemplify
period standards, not period exceptions. Sorry, I know you like it. But
our branches have to operate at the highest of standards.  By Daniel de
Lincoln's set of definitions, a branch should be the "terrarium" model
rather than the "museum" model.

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