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Nathan W. Jones njones at
Thu Mar 19 10:24:19 PST 1998

Estrill asked::

>    Gio, could you explain/state some of the differences?


> (And I'd especially like to hear about what you
> found so impressive as to send suggestions southward.) :)

Hmmm...differences.  The North tends to play well together.  I know everyone up
here takes that for granted, but it's not quite a 'given' for the South (And
when I mention the South, I am mostly talking about the Southern and Central
regions, I don't have much experience with the West and Coastal.)
The relationship that Moonshadowe has with Northkeep is extrodinary.  I think
the closest I can come to that relationship is between Bjornsborg and Bryn
Gwlad...but even down there the idea of one groop doing the cooking for another
would be outrageous.  (As happened when the Moonshadowe cooks guild cooked the
feast for the Northkeep Investiture.)

Smaller groups are not near as well supported down South..  And, while there are
pople in the North who play a very political game and like to stir bunnies, most
of the time I've noticed that people in the North don't put the politics ahead
of the health of the region as a whole.

There is an extremly strong bardic and skaldic tradition in the North, stronger
and far more common than most of the groups I've seen down south.

There is a very fresh feel to the North.  And, I'm not sure I can explain that
much better.

As for what I've sent down South for suggestions...well, Northkeep has this
tradidion of the Autocrats and Feastocrats calling all the people up who helped
them at the next Populace meeting and giving out largesse.  Wow!  talk about a
stunning idea!  Simple, yet packs quite a whallop.

Also, because the North uses Scout camps quite often, the quality of the feasts
up here is just outstanding!  I'm used to setting up a kitchen in the middle of
a cow paddy with propane stoves and reheating most of the food.  Cooking an
entire feast on site from scratch is highly discourgaged in the South, even on
those rare ocaissions when you get a site with a working kitchen, like a church.

Okay, those are the ones off the top of my head, I'll stop now.


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