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Thu Mar 19 06:42:05 PST 1998

Gio wrote:
>As someone who "grew up" in the SCA in the South and then moved to the 
>North, it was like moving to a different kingdom.  The Red River is 
>very much a dividing line in Ansteorra, and I was guilty of not going 
>north of it when I lived in Bjornsborg and the Steppes.
>Becoming a Principality won't change that sense of difference that the 
>North has, if anything it will enhance it.  I don't really think that's 
>a bad thing. I've come to enjoy the differences that I've found here in 
>the North, and have sent suggestions back down South about some of the 
>things I've learned. 
>just my obsevation...and to tell the truth, I'm not sure what relevence 
>it has.

     Gio, could you explain/state some of the differences? I'm someone 
who's always lived in the North and has done limited traveling - (a few 
Steppes Warlords, a Dance Symposium, Outlands Phun, Kingdom A&S, several 
Interkingdoms, Known World Dance Symposium, and now Gulf Wars VII) 
[averages out to less than 1 event out of region per year]. I'd be 
interested in hearing about the differences that you've seen between the 
South and the North. (And I'd especially like to hear about what you 
found so impressive as to send suggestions southward.) :)

dssweet at

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