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Lori Campbell LCAMPBEL at
Wed Mar 18 20:48:26 PST 1998

> It needs to be founded with the understanding that we are not 
> trying to split with the kingdom

You know, I've been pretty quiet about whether or not I think we 
should form a principality, but I think there is something we need to 
see realistically in order to go forward.  

When Ansteorra was new, the idea of forming principalities was met 
with a highly negative response.  However, as the kingdom grew and 
the regions grew, opinions changed.  This growth brought with it 
denser more active populations and a genuine need for more localized 
leadership.  In fact, most of our principalities and kingdoms have 
been born largely out of that need (political differences aside).  

My point is this:  Of course we love our kingdom and we don't want to 
form a principality to split with it.  We would, in fact, need the 
support of our kingdom to grow healthy and strong.  However, we must 
not miss out on the truth that to succeed as a principality might 
mean growing up to be our own kingdom someday (granted, because of the 
small population base of Oklahoma, this would probably take a long 

I just felt this should be considered, since everybody has been so  
quick to say that we shouldn't think of becoming our own kingdom....  
Kat  >"<
(who is still riding the opinion fence on this one.....)*******************
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