NR - Differences between North & South

John Ruble jruble at
Fri Mar 20 09:50:55 PST 1998

You beat me to it...
>      And don't forget that Brad Leah (sp?) is officially part of the 
>      Northern Region.  What happens to them if we make a principality?
>      Would they be given a choice?
>      Mercedes
Every group gets a choice.  The few people I've talked to in Brad Leah
about regional issues say there are two mind sets down there.  One feels
ties to the North through Eldern Hills.  The other sets their allegiance
with Texas groups.  If any of three regions become a principality, Brad
Leah will face some heavy discussions...

On a related note, it might be nice to do an inter-regional event in
Brad Leah.  The North, West, and Central regions could combine to host a
Kingdom event there, giving Brad Leah the support and work force of
three whole regions....

Now this make me wonder... why don't we do this more often?  Help out
other groups with their events?  I know neighboring groups have done so
in the past, like Northkeep/Moonschadowe or Namron/Weisenfeuer.  But why
can't farther group pitch in together to help someone more often than we
have?  Willow once told me that too many people these days think events
are put on for their benefit, instead of thinking that the event is put
on BY their benefit.

I know I'm always tickled to go South somewhere and find someone from up
here working in the kitchen or marshaling the field.


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