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Fri Mar 20 14:02:52 PST 1998

John Ruble wrote:

Big snip:
> Now this make me wonder... why don't we do this more often?  Help out
> other groups with their events?  I know neighboring groups have done so
> in the past, like Northkeep/Moonschadowe or Namron/Weisenfeuer.  But why
> can't farther group pitch in together to help someone more often than we
> have?  Willow once told me that too many people these days think events
> are put on for their benefit, instead of thinking that the event is put
> on BY their benefit.

I don't know about further south, but Mooneschadowe was/and is very 
instrumental to Gnomon Vale's continued existance. Weisenfeuer too. 
Both of these groups have to travel 2 1/2 to 3 hours just to get here. 
In fact, we've had support from everyone in the north except Eldern 
Hills and the Brad Leah. Now before anyone flames me to death, it's 
not because they don't like us (at least until now) It's because there 
is no straight or even curvey path between McAlester and the Altus, 
Lawton area. It's more like 4-5 hours from here to there, your miles 
may vary.
My loyalties may differ, but it's like this:
	If I have a free weekend and there is an event in the north, and two 
or more south of the red river, I'd feel guilty if I went south 
instead of supporting a northern group.
Britta the Red
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