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Mon May 4 16:06:58 PDT 1998

Beltane, May 8-10, 1998 at Camp Cimmaron, near Coyle, OK.

Spanghewing - flinging wet frogs
Knife & Ax Throw - flinging knifes and axes
The Great Game of Rock - flinging rocks
Caber Toss - flinging logs
Six-man Ship Race - flinging overboard
Tavern Race - flinging beverages
Titled Bardic competition - flinging... er... very true stories. Yeah.
that's it. ;)
A "torchlit" quest - going out for a fling in Faery
Tug of War - getting flung in the mud
Wrestling - (see previous)
Board games - period-style king flinging
Thing - Fling thing laws.

A Queen of the May and Spang Princess will be chosen by lot. An arts &
science display-only area will be set up, as well as a Spang Decorating
contest.  Lose anything at a Namron event?  We are placing our lost and
found on display Saturday.  Anything not claimed will be auctioned off on
Sunday, if someone is crazy enough to buy it.

There is no feast, but a simple tavern will be available.  Good food AND
pickled eggs.  Bring your own lutefisk.

This site includes hot showers, cabins, plenty of camping space, some flush
toilets, and fire pits.  Site opens at 5 p.m. on Friday and closes at 3 p.m.
on Sunday.  The site is "wet", but please use period containers and "good
common sense".  Underage drinking will not be tolerated.  No pets allowed,
please.  Void where prohibited by law.  Allow 8 to 9 months for delivery.

Everyone except Northeastern Oklahoma: Take I-35 towards Guthrie, OK.  Exit
on State Hwy. 33 and head east (where the big ball of fire comes up every
day).  Follow windy two lane road for eleven miles, passing through Langston
and Coyle.  Cross mighty river, and almost immediately make a right on dirt
road.  Follow windy dirt road to next SCA sign and make another right.

Northeastern Oklahoma: You should be able to take U.S. Hwy 177 south out of
Stillwater. Turn right on State Hwy. 33 and head west (where the big ball of
fire goes down every day).  Follow windy two lane road for an unknown number
of miles, and turn left almost immediately before the bridge over the mighty
river.  Follow windy dirt road to next SCA sign and make a right.

Site fee is $7 for adults, $4 for children (6-12), and a maximum family fee
of $24.  Please make checks payable to "SCA, Inc./Barony of Namron".

H.L. Ulf Gunnarsson
ulf at

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