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Tue May 5 19:54:42 PDT 1998

	Sir Burke said it was OK to post this message

	There will be an organizational meeting on Monday, May 11th for anyone with
an interest in the formation of a canton in the northern reaches of the Barony
of Wiesenfeuer.  This area is primarily composed of Guthrie, Arcadia, Edmond,
and far northern Oklahoma City.  We have not yet decided on zip codes and we
would like to have the input of anyone residing north of Quail Springs Mall.
You need not support the idea of a canton to attend this meeting, it is open
to all, just as we are open to all imput from the populace of the Barony.  A
canton is a chance for the Barony to grow, but it will not happen in the face
of active opposition.
	The meeting is scheduled for 7pm at the home of Count Sir Finn and Mistress
Roslynd at 730 N College Street in Edmond.  Please contact me if you need
directions.  Please pass this message on to anyone that might be interested
but doesn't have net access.  

Thank you,

HL Oriana Corbizzi
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