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Nathan W. Jones njones at
Wed May 6 09:24:52 PDT 1998

Greetings All!

For those who aren't on the Ansteorran Mailing List, I'm forwarding this
notice from Pug (he who owns the server that our list is on).

Remember is you have any problems with the Northern list you can sent
email to owner-northern at and Estrill and I will try our
best to help.


Good Morning,

  The mail server software on Ansteorra.ORG will change on Monday the
  11th. The reason for this change it to reduce the chances of SPAM
  being sent to the mailing lists.

  Some of the features that this new software has are:

  Anti-relaying features to not allow people to use the site as a SPAM
  Refusal of unresolvable hostnames. (ie. if the host portion of the
    email address is invalid, it rejects it)
  Refusal of unqualified usernames. (ie. there is no host portion.)
  Access databases to reject known spammers.
  Realtime Blackhole List (rbl), which tracks known spammers by their IP

  The ability for the administrator to add further header checks easily.

  The problems that we'll see is if any of the users on the lists match
  any the above criteria.

  I know there are people who will have problems with the unresolvable
  hostnames, and they will need to contact me to make sure that they
  continue to be able to post messages. Several people use this to
  put in false headers to avoid getting SPAM. Those lists who already
  restrict posts to those members on the list should not have a problem
  with this issue.

  As well, there might be people using ISPs that are considered "SPAM
  havens" and are in the blackhole list. If this occurs to someone, they

  should contact me in order to find out how to get off of the rbl

  If someone needs to contact me, they should send email to pug at

  I apologize if any inconviences come out of this change.

In Service,

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