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John Ruble jruble at
Sat May 16 09:03:51 PDT 1998

I would like to thank everyone who came to Beltane last weekend at the
barony of Namron.  Despite the sporadic frog-drowning weather, a good time
seemed to be had by all.  For those who did not make it, you missed a FREE
weekend long tavern.  This was done as a thank you to all the good people
who have journeyed to our events over the years, and as an attempt to return
the hospitality we have found when travelling to other branches.  Judy and
Dave (normally of Quail's Run Tavern) took on the role of Tavernkeeper to
organize a Baronial Tavern.  Many people in and out of the barony donated
food or time, and the barony picked up the tab for the major supplies.

As a result, everyone who showed up got fed if they wanted it. "It" included
brisket, a small pig, rice & beans, vegetarian pasta, variety breads,
biscuits & gravy, etc. etc. etc.  Thanks to everyone who helped.

The Spanghewing (frog throwing) Competition was won by a young man whose
name I did not get: this was his first event.  The children's spanghewing
was won by Candice.  First place in the Spang Decorating competition went to
Helen Bales MacQueen for a severely beaded frog.  She wore a matching cap to
accept the prize...

After the Hall flooded, we held the Six Man Ship races across the indoor
ocean.  The Scots were stealing fence posts again, and the Caber Toss was
won by our own Aonghus SomethingGaelicthatsoundslikeGallowglass

The best combined Knife & Axe score went to Brian von Kearney for the
children, and newcomer Jeff Box for the adults.  Best shot for the children
went to Karl Tarlsson (Boo) for hooking the ring holding up the stump, and
for the adults to Ace Bugsbane.  On a dare, he managed to cleave in twain a
bug crawling across the target.

The Tribe won the Tug of War quite easily.  Very few teams even dared to
take on their four-men-and-a-woman team.  Many gems went to them for this,
but were later lost to their bravado.  The entire Tribe took on The Known
World, and discovered that the Known World is still bigger.  Maybe next

As some may have heard, the site tokens consisted of bags of "gems", twenty
each.  Whoever ended up with the most gems on Sunday would win a finely
crafted leather hnefntafl game board made by His Excellency Aethelstan.
Many bets were made on the games.  Much horse trading occurred.  A variety
of unique and period methods for obtaining gems were employed.  In the end,
third place held the Black Company with  527 stones.  The Tribe had 871.
But young Karl Tarlsson had his rowing bench/chest carried in to show the
wealth hid within.  He managed to secure 1278 gemstones in approximately 36

Other activities included a title bard competition (done by challenge, of
course).  This went to Lynette (of course).  The children hunted clothespin
bugs in the period encampment, and later that night the adults hunted evil
faeries in a Quest to aid Nandi Dandilionsbane, King of the Faeries.  I
believe it was the Black Company that found the coveted Circle of Power, and
won the faery treasure.

No Thing was held Sunday: evidently it has been a peaceful year and no law
cases needed to be brought before the people.

If you are still reading this, thank you.  I wanted to let people know what
fun they missed.  Come next year, please.  I have a few lost and found
items.  Remember, there's Vikings, and then there's barbarians...  Accept no


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