NR - Steppes Warlord XV

Sarah Peck speckld at
Tue May 19 16:24:53 PDT 1998


Reservations for Steppes Warlord closed on Friday.  If you have any
questions about your reservation, please email me before Thursday. 
Please include mundane names as that is how the reservations are listed. 

I would like to thank everyone for understanding about the little snafu
regarding my address being incorrect in the Black Star.  Just to let you
know, the post office has been delivering misaddressed letters to me but
there are probably some that have been misplaced.  I'm deeply sorry
about this.

I hope to see everyone at Warlord.  This promises to be the biggest and
best yet.  There are many activities planned besides the Warlord list
and the Champion list so come out and have some fun!!!

Yours in service,
Lady Tiernan Shepherd, reservation-o-crat
Sarah Peck	 "I touch the future, I teach.  Scary, eh! :)"

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