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Wed May 27 12:44:45 PDT 1998

Greetings everyone,

Many of you know that the small Shire of Brad Leah will be hosting the
Alexandrian Symposium the first Sat. of June..making it June 6th, 1998. The
topic of this one day event is "DEATH"  It will be held at the Midwestern
University Campus is Wichita Falls Tx, ( Just south of the Red River).
Wichita Falls is about a 2 hr drive for OKC, not bad huh???  This would make
it a wonderful and easy event to daytrip..hint.hint.........

Our shire sincerely hopes that the northern region will support us in this
endevor. We hope that many of you will come down, learn something and revel
with us that evening.  There will be a mini-TOURNY, for all those who can't
sit still for a class :).

Being the most southern tip of "Nordsteorra" can sometimes be LONELY!!  Please
show us that the north hasn't forgotten us........................

For more infor or questions,
Baroness Octavia and Sir Daffydd
Shire of Brad Leah
Dafpig at
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