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Talen von Marienburg talen at
Wed May 27 13:09:31 PDT 1998

Of course we haven't forgotten you!.  Unfortunately, Treschen and I will be
at Passa d'Armes in Adlersrue that weekend.

I would encourage anyone not going to Passa d'Armes to go support our
brethren in Brad Leah.  Their hospitality is wonderful, as are the people.
And such a topic - Death!  Life fast, die young and leave a good looking
corpse - the mentalite of post-plague Europe.  Kinda sounds like Generation
X kids to me.  Perhaps we can learn something about today by studying
history?  Hmm, what a novel idea.


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>Being the most southern tip of "Nordsteorra" can sometimes be LONELY!!
>show us that the north hasn't forgotten us........................
>For more infor or questions,
>Baroness Octavia and Sir Daffydd
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