NR - Want to buy a Viking Ship?

Ragnorio edmoore at
Mon Feb 22 16:18:52 PST 1999

.Jerry Mapes wrote:
> Want to buy a Viking Ship?  There is one for sale on E-BAy at:
> This is a 39', 6 ton, viking Knorr complete with sails, oars and
> rigging. The current bid is only $5100 (plus shipping from Sweden of
> course).

Maybe the crown would spring for the cost of ship and shipping for the 
Royal Ansteorran Navy.  There might even be people willing to sail it 
over from Sweden and up the Mississipi to save the shipping cost. If so 
they would have to detour by Heavener to visit the runestone. The 
minimum acceptable bid is $5200 so start saving your pennies since 
bidding ends 02/24/99 16:06:36 PST. The ebay website has a picture check 
it out

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