ANST-Announce - Steppes Warlord - On-Site Cooking Contest Brent_Ryder at
Mon May 15 13:10:12 PDT 2000

Unto the Populace of Ansteorra, and more specifically the Period Chefs of
Ansteorra, doth Isabel FitzHugh, Steppes Warlord Deputy Event Steward, send
greetings and a challenge

Do you love period cooking?

Are you up to the challenge of cooking in period style?

Can you create a dessert from any appropriate period ingredient?

Are you an Ansteorran Period Cook and can you prove it!

Then come to Steppes Warlord and show us!

After morning court on Saturday, Charles de Marquet will reveal and
distribute the secret ingredient for the contest

Be prepared with all that you need for creating a period dessert.

To make things interesting and more of a challenge, you cannot leave site
to get more ingredients, but you can scrounge from your fellows.....

The final catch is that you only have Saturday to complete your confection.
Judging will be after the list in the Main Hall

Rise to the challenge and shows us what period cooking can really be!

Steppes Warlord Deputy Event Steward

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