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Mon May 15 13:14:38 PDT 2000

Unto the Populace of Ansteorra doth Isabel FitzHugh, Steppes Warlord Deputy
Event Steward, send greetings

When you raise you voice in song or story, do you capture your audience?
Hold them enthralled with your words? Make them Laugh and Dance in
merriment? Weep in sorrow? or Joy?

Can you caress a musical instrument and bring it to life, letting the dance
and play of the music enfold the listener in another time and place? Allow
them to experience the myriad emotions that make life worth living?

Then come and show your skills and talents at Steppes Warlord and become
the next Bard of the Steppes!!!

The competition will begin on Sunday at 8:30pm around a gentle bonfire.
The populace will have a chance to throw choclate "coins" at the Bard of
thier choice.

Mistress Aslyn Crystyn, Current Bard of the Steppes, their Excellencies
Steppes, and others will judge the competition.

All entries must be 5 minutes or less. Only one piece will be performed
unless the judges need a second piece to decide between their favorites.

Steppes Warlord Deputy Event Steward

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