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Mon May 15 19:16:12 PDT 2000

This is the sonnet I wrote and performed at Wastelands Games.  Comments are 

I think now on the future and the past.
The days gone by, the days we've yet to see.
The days of heady youth that fly so fast.
The days of shinning hope that yet may be.
For now at last I clearly see the truth,
And look back on a life of discontent.
And rue the choices of my foolish youth.
Forever gone the days of youth misspent.
The years spent in my solitary ways.
Myself the pin 'round which my world revolved.
And then I pause and think on coming days.
And then I think on thee and am resolved,
    To share my loves and dreams and Joys and sorrows.
    And trade my yesterdays for our tomorrows.

Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep
Northern Regional Bard
Bard of Eldern Hills
Bard of the Wastelands
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