NR - Clarification RE: Northkeep fire victims

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Mon May 22 09:57:30 PDT 2000

I agree with Kat. Rowan, your original post contained nothing but the facts
as you knew them, & you said NOTHING that would imply that anyone was at
fault for the fire. How anyone could interpret a shorted-out appliance as
negligence on ANYONE'S part is beyond me.

Rowan, we appreciate your bringing the message to the rest of the North so
quickly, allowing for the equally quick mobilization of relief efforts.
Mistress 'Stacia ran one of her famous drawings at Beltaine & raised several
hundred dollars, & I understand that a similar event will be held at

Is there an organized relief fund set up/planned as yet, & if so, where can
donations be sent?

Once again, Rowan, I am certain that the majority of the north was as
appreciative of your prompt report as I & my lord were. The people with
nothing better to do than manufacture insult where only good intentions
exist are definitely (& thankfully) a minority. Keep your chin up & continue
to keep us informed, please. Thank God no one was killed or severely


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> > It came to my attention yesterday that there are some individuals 
> > out there who took offense at my original post notifying everyone 
> > about the house fire affecting Master Beorthlic, Lady Elizabetta 
> > and Lady Elisabeth last Friday.  
> Oh, good grief!  Folks, it is up to you whether or not you help those 
> among us who have literally lost everything.  Please, don't make a 
> difficult situation harder by uselessly speculating about why 
> so-and-so *might* have said a certain thing.  Trying to second-guess 
> someone's motives is a useless waste of time and always does more 
> harm than good.  
> Certainly there is no point in placing blame - particularly on those 
> who were hurt or those who are trying to help!  I'm sure Beorthlic, 
> Elizabetta and Elisabeth are feeling guilty enough wondering if there 
> was anything they could've/should've done to prevent this.  Why on 
> earth would anyone feel it was their place in the overall scheme of 
> the universe to add to that burden.
> Rowan, it was clear to me that you intended no slight.  Knowing 
> they were renters gave me, at least, a great deal more insight into 
> just how much they lost (i.e. as someone who rented a domicile most 
> of my life I know I never carried renters insurance).  Please don't 
> hesitate to keep us informed about their situation - especially when 
> they aquire new lodging.  Many of us have things to give them, but 
> don't want to add storing a bunch of stuff to the list of things they 
> have to think about at this point.  Also, feel free to let us know 
> their immediate needs so we can find other ways to help.
> Thanks,
> Kat  
> Baroness of Wiesenfeuer
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