NR - Beltane Fund Raiser Thankyou... tgnst at
Mon May 22 10:32:37 PDT 2000

I want to thank everyone who helped us raise funds with the "stone soup"
drawing I threw together at Beltaine. Items were donated on the spot by
many good gentles from what they had with them, others went home and
brought things back. There were items donated by myself, Master Tarl and
Lord Boo, Mistress Gwyneth, Contessa Vanessa, Lady Kassia, TE'S Barn and
Katriona, Earl Gunthar, Lord Ogadai and HL Khadija, HL Angharad, Lady
Agnes, HL Ayesha and new Storm member Ld Terric, and HL Annabelle who
immediately warped up her loom and almost got it finished at Court ( the
length will be available at the Castellan drawing!). For anyone else who
gave me items that I forgot to post here, I most heartily apologize, my
notes are still in the packing somewhere. For everyone one else who
supported us with ready cash, most especially if all you had was a
dollar or two, Thank you! For everyone who pressed sums on me through
out the day, Thank you! By the time Bs Sigen left for home late Saturday
night, I had over $500 to give her to take home for our beloved fire
victims. I found out that several other Angels on earth had given Sigen
lump donations that amounted to another $700! God bless you all! No
matter what else can be said about the North, when it is needed we empty
our purse, sack our own halls and roll up our sleeves. I'll be at
Castellan to help Sigen, and Tarl says he can have a knife done by
then... So let us all help in each his own way, and from out the ashes
help to build a new day to come! With much Love...'Stacia

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