NR - EldernXXII

Mike Gideon mgideon at
Mon May 29 16:01:00 PDT 2000

Greetings Unto the Northern Region,

I would like to offer an invitation to you for Eldern's Championship
tourney.  This will be held at Camp Clear Creek in Duncan, OK.  The Barony
will be having a heavy, light and schalger lists.  The feast looks to be a
wonderful thing with HE Adria and Ld Armand as the feast crats.  I'm sure
there will be drumming and dancing in the evening, with the reverly that
goes with it.
Available at the site is a sand bottom, man made lake that adds that cooling
effect during the afternoon heat.  There are some electrical hookups for you
to use.  There are flush privies and showers available also.  The auto-crat,
Ld Michel, can help you with hotels if that is your desire.
Come and play with Eldern and have some fun.

Catrin Mac Cracken

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