NR - International Festival(Eldern Hills)

Mike Gideon mgideon at
Mon May 29 19:05:34 PDT 2000

Greetings to the North,

I would like to extend and invitation to all of you to help us out with a
demo that Eldern Hills will be participating in.  The weekend of Sept 23-24,
the City of Lawton sponsers a grand affair called International Festival.
Of course, this falls opposite Elfsea Defender, which causes some conflict
for some.  Eldern does have a serious fall in fighters, and as many of you
know, fighters are the main attraction for demo's.  For Eldern Hills, this
demo is as important to us as Med Fair is to Namron.  There are two days of
putting on a show and fighting for the public.

International Fest offers a variety of merchants that sell some interesting
items.  Food merchants are of course very popular, but there are a wide
variety of crafty and cultural interest as well.

Crash space can be provided for you.  There will be a revel held Saturday
evening.  Please look at your calenders, and see if you can come down and
help Eldern Hills out.  It will be fun time for all, ask anyone who has come
to International Fest before.  We will be posting a map and other info at
our web site in the very near future.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you in advance,
Catrin Mac Cracken
contact is catrin at

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