NR - Castle update

Moore, Ed Ed.Moore at
Tue May 30 06:31:17 PDT 2000

I finally gave up and told Andy we'd have to try another weekend.  Roger has
a forklift but no way to get it to
Ponca City.  There was one for rent at Ponca City but
we had to transport it and it was designed for concrete
not the mud the poles are sitting on.  Roger said to call Louis Wolf who may
have a front end loader on a
tractor that he might bring out to play.  But when I
called Andy he was gone for the weekend.  I told them
lets try the weekend after castellan but I hate to wait
that long as it would only leave us one weekend after
that if we didn't get everything moved.  What are you
doing saturday morning at Castellan?  I'd be willing
to blow off merchanting if we could coordinate moving 
a semiload of poles that morning.  We wouldn't probably
get on site til noon or after but it would reduce the
time crunch on getting the poles moved.
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