NR - pole pickup at castellan

Timothy Of NorthKeep toadams at
Tue May 30 07:41:35 PDT 2000

>I finally gave up and told Andy we'd have to try another weekend.  sorry 
>about falling in a hole,  I was away from my computer almost all weekend..

>Roger has a forklift but no way to get it to Ponca City.
how large is the forklift??  would a 16' trailer do it?
we may be able to get over that problem.

>Roger said to call Louis Wolf who may have a front end loader on a
>tractor that he might bring out to play.
Is Rogers fork lift a off road type?
Unless it is a serious front end loader 50' or 25' lengths may be a bit 
much, some of those poles where huge..

>What are you doing saturday morning at Castellan?
not much, I am wanting to fight in the Rapier tourny, but not sure about the 
timing of that.

>I'd be willing to blow off merchanting if we could coordinate moving
>a semiload of poles that morning.
I think that may be good, we could come up with a few good sized lad's as 
well.  we will need chainsaw's..  In order to get the poles in pieces in a 
resonable time frame we will need 2 saws running at once

>We wouldn't probably get on site til noon or after but it would >reduce the 
>time crunch on getting the poles moved.
well if we could get some one to go out and cut the poles this week then we 
could just show up and pick them up on sat. or whenever..
from ponca to the camp is about an hour.

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