[Northern] Brewing for the Masses -

Alexander Ravenshaw alexravenshaw at prodigy.net
Tue May 8 20:34:51 PDT 2001

~Greetings Everyone!!

    Alex here inviting anyone who's interested to my home on Thursday, May
10th at 7:00P.M. I'll be teaching my famous "Brewing for the Masses" class
(also known as paint thinner offends people) on mead making.

    Topics to be discussed:
    1. History and Practice
    2. Equipment and Ingredients
    3. Period technique vs modern technique
    4. Documentation and presentation

    During the evening, I will be starting a project batch so you can watch
the process from the beginning. The class is always alot of fun and
informative. If you'd like to attend, please let me know and I'll e-mail you
a map on how to get here.

Thanks!! Hope to see alot of people there!!
In Service,
~Alexander Ravenshaw
Member of the Honorable Brotherhood of Brewers and Vintners
"Here, Drink This"

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