[Northern] Old heraldry returns for Northern Region

Doug Bell debell at txcyber.com
Wed May 9 22:35:33 PDT 2001

As part of a special project for the College of Heralds
the old returns for our kingdom have been indexed.
These are the folks I have been unable to get in
contact with who have old returns.  If you know
these good folk please put them in contact with me
for details.  I also need to contact someone
from Falconridge about their Badge.  The group was
supposed to in hibernation from what I was told.

yours in service
Magnus von Lubeck

Falconridge (Falconridge) Badge.

Raedwulf Burke. (Falconridge)
Household name for Pirate Ship Seahawk.

Ceridwen Tirgwstraff. (Wastelands)
Name change from Deborah of the Wastelands.

Johann Gunnbjornsson. (Wastelands) Device.

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