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Tadhg tadhg at ou.edu
Thu May 10 16:13:13 PDT 2001


On Fri, 4 May 2001 14:29:28 -0500
"Walter Robin" <aborman at brightok.net> wrote:

>By all accounts NR Warlord was a great success.  Each of the region's
groups contributed to the >event to make it a truly regional endeavor.


>The event was also a grand financial success, and it is our pleasure to
offer each of the
>groups a dividend of the proceeds.  The amount comes to about $80 (each)...

>If your group does not need the money, we can contribute your share to any
worthy project you
>desire, for example:

>regional tabards  ( remember:  sca funds==sca property )

As Nordsteorra Herald, I will have to ask what design you were proposing for
the tabard. At present, the Northern region does NOT have a registered
badge...or arms...or name (aside from that of my office.)

Although Ld. Owain offered a design at NRW, that personal badge design was
failed by the College of Heralds in January. It is in direct conflict with
registered arms, and cannot be used. In fact, the design, in and of itself,
cannot be registered--it violates heraldic rules.

Any registrations of this type need to go through my office...and need to be
a design supported by a concensus of the North.

Tadhg, Nordsteorra

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