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Maleah maleah at mmcable.com
Fri May 11 01:35:38 PDT 2001

The following comments left in for reference.

Walter Robin said:
> > >By all accounts NR Warlord was a great success.  Each of the region's
> >groups contributed to the >event to make it a truly regional endeavor.
> >
> ><SNIP>
> >
> > >The event was also a grand financial success, and it is our pleasure to
> >offer each of the
> > >groups a dividend of the proceeds.  The amount comes to about $80
> >
> > >If your group does not need the money, we can contribute your share to
> >worthy project you
> > >desire, for example:
> >
> > >regional tabards  ( remember:  sca funds==sca property )

Then Tadhg said:
> >As Nordsteorra Herald, I will have to ask what design you were proposing
> >the tabard. At present, the Northern region does NOT have a registered
> >badge...or arms...or name (aside from that of my office.)
> >
> >Although Ld. Owain offered a design at NRW, that personal badge design
> >failed by the College of Heralds in January. It is in direct conflict
> >registered arms, and cannot be used. In fact, the design, in and of
> >cannot be registered--it violates heraldic rules.
> >
> >Any registrations of this type need to go through my office...and need to
> >a design supported by a concensus of the North.

    You make several points in your letter which I must address.

 You stated in reference to the regional tabards with the gryphon emblem:
>If the submission was rejected, perhaps you could make sure
> that the local herald informs the submitter of that fact, which is part of
> your responsibilities.

I do believe that Sigen reads this list on a regular basis. Would his
missive not fulfill that duty? She has now been informed by a warranted
representative of the college of heralds that the badge she was trying to
register is in conflict.

You also stated:
>As to the design being rejected by the college,  I could not find any
mention of it in any
>of the ILoI, ICC, Loi, or Loc that Francois la Flamme has so kindly made

I spoke to Borek, Star Principal Herald, and was informed by him that the
badge had been rejected at the January meeting. I do not believe it has come
out in print yet as the office within the college that is responsible for
this is in flux. It does not change the fact that the badge failed.

You stated:
>You point out that the emblem is in conflict with a set of official arms
else where in the Society and >that maybe true (although I could not find
the exact conflict in the O and A).  That only means that it >can't be
registered as an official device unless it is changed or the conflicting
person gives their >approval for the conflict.

I do believe the conflict is with a Mistress of the Kingdom of the West. I'm
sure if you ask Tadhg he can get you the information.

You also stated:
>Actually Tadha this IS outside of your responsibility as Northern Regional
> Herald. Enforcement is not part of your job description.

While enforcement is not technically a part of his job, it IS a part of his
job to inform people when they are flying heraldry that has been rejected by
the college of heralds for whatever reason.

You stated:
>If people want to make tabards that have the Gryphon Star emblem
> on them, or any other emblem for that matter, that is their
> choice.

Yes, they could do this, but considering the conflict and that chivalry and
courtesy are supposed to be the backbone of the game we play, would in fact,
be in VERY poor taste.

You state also:
> This particular symbol has been around for over 5 years and is commonly
associated with northern >fighters.

The fact that "we've been doing it for years" is a very poor excuse to
continue doing so with the discourtesy implied to the lady with whom it is
in conflict and the fact that it is  incorrect heraldic design. The fact
that it has been used by a small number in the past does not change the fact
that it is in conflict and as such should not be flown.

You commented:
>As to your last comment that a design needs to be supported by a consensus
of the North, I believe >that is what Lord Owen and others are trying to do.
Their attempts to rally a Northern Army with
>common livery is just that, consensus building.  I don't see anyone else
trying to do anything.  If you >don't support this goal that is your choice,
this game is big enough for everyone, but it does not give >you the right to
try and destroy what others are trying to build.

Nor does it give you the right to paint him with the same brush you accuse
him of using. Unless you can say for a FACT that his post was done with
malicious intent then your accusation is just that an accusation. Practice
what you preach Sir Burke, you owe Tadhg an apology.

You signed your missive:
> (member of the Ansteorran College of Heralds since 1979)

Which with $1.50 will buy you a cup of coffee.:)

I am all for a flag that we can rally to with pride but it should be one
brought before and approved by a MAJORITY of the populace, not something
that has already been shown to be in conflict and bad heraldry to boot. In
the meantime, what is wrong with the Ansteorran civil ensign with the
reverse being the ensign of your Barony, shire, canton, etc.? Should there
not be pride in being Ansteorran??? For at this point that is exactly what
we are.
Let's all work together without the finger pointing and assumption of ill
will that has been happening all too often of late.

My two cents worth and then some,
Baroness of Namron (which with $1.50 will buy me a cup of coffee)


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