Griffin badge was: Re: [Northern] Northern Regional Warlord Sigen3 at
Fri May 11 07:04:55 PDT 2001


Could someone in the College of Heralds please give me the name and any other
information available, of the person with whom my badge conflicts?

This particular badge was submitted to our local herald more than _2_ years
ago.  Silly me, I assumed that the normal period (in which you hear of
rejections) was about 4-6 months.  I have never heard anything official about
this submission.  I have asked many times...No one could tell me anything. I
have looked on the Society website, in the letters of intent (I think that is
what they are called?), and it has never shown up there.  The only thing I
ever heard was that there *might* be a conflict... nothing after that.  Also,
someone said it was ?illegal heraldry?, and could not be registered.  If that
is the case, how can it be in conflict with anything?  How did the conflicted
arms get registered? Could someone tell me what is wrong with it?

I can assure all of you that there was no malicious intent in using the
griffin.  Lots of people liked it, and asked if they could use it.  Since I
had never heard *anything*, and being unfamiliar with the rules of the
college, I said sure.  Also rest assured, I will be making changes in the
badge and resubmitting it by NK's next populace meeting.  Hopefully it won't
take 2+ more years for the college of heralds to accept or reject it.

Thanks for any information anyone can give me on the conflict.

Sigen Northkeep

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