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Fri May 11 10:32:24 PDT 2001

Sigen,  Dwen here.

    When it comes to the College of Heralds, all is arcane.  Both Johann and
I have been lost in the ether for...well, let's see...2001-1993 = about
eight years!  I think that submissions with problems go to a special
purgatory and are awaiting the Second Coming.  If it gives hope at all, I'll
also mention that they have recently tried to find us (we are hard to
locate, apparently) and are starting the process over again with our
submissions.  Perhaps yours will surface as well.

Ceridwen (illegal part coming next) Tir Gwastraff
Who is quite sure that both "Reeve" and "Seneschal" were easier offices
for her than "Herald" could ever be!

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> Greetings,
> Could someone in the College of Heralds please give me the name and any
> information available, of the person with whom my badge conflicts?
> This particular badge was submitted to our local herald more than _2_
> ago.  Silly me, I assumed that the normal period (in which you hear of
> rejections) was about 4-6 months.


Hopefully it won't
> take 2+ more years for the college of heralds to accept or reject it.
> Thanks for any information anyone can give me on the conflict.
> Sigen Northkeep

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