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>These groups make up 80% of the population base
> > >of the this part of the kingdom.
> >
> > Anya,
> >
> > As usual you haven't done your home work.  Namron, Wiesenfeuer, and
> > Wastlands make up about 44% of the Northern Regions population.
> >
> > Burke
>And you, Burke, are avoiding the larger issue.  I'll give you the six
>percent to 50, plus another five percent for good measure and say that if
>well over a third (33.33%) of the populace of the north wasn't consulted
>about something which is supposed to be all about regional unity, it doesn't
>speak well of the process to date.

Oh I got the point fine, I am just very tired of people making stupid and
outrageous statements like that one when they know it is not true.

I think that everyone here on the list is really missing the point.  A
group of people decided that it would be neat if the fighters of the
norther region were to have common livery when they work as a common army
(something that every NR Warlord has worked on).  They took an emblem that
has been associated with the north from many years and put it on a war
tabard.  They then tried to get everyone excited about the concept of a
Northern army with common livery.  What is so wrong about that!!!  The
North has had groups in common livery since before Talon was the first
Warlord.  Groups like Wolfstar, Mooneschadowe, Northkeep, and the Black
Company come to mind.  This is just going the next step.  If people don't
want to participate they don't have to wear the tabard.  No one is saying
this is mandatory.  As to the Griffin charge being in conflict with a
registered device, the people who were trying to drum up support had not
been told officially that the badge was returned for conflict.  Now that
they know the charge has a problem I am sure that work will be ongoing to
alter the charge to avoid the conflict.  If other people have other ideas
or suggestions for common livery or emblems for an unofficial voluntary
Northern Army they should make them.

Sir Buke

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