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Chandranath chandra at plumes.org
Mon May 14 12:38:13 PDT 2001

Normally I would avoid this entire discussion (as, indeed, I have done so),
but Her Excellency hit a button, here, and I thought it important to make
an observation.

On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 02:25:53PM -0500, Maleah wrote:
> There is way too much animosity and factionalism in the North right now for
> a principality to live long beyond its inception.
> reasons which I will happily disucss with any of you if you but ask me.

This strikes me as equivalent to when we are told after every election about
the terrible partisan strife in this country.  Let me share with you a
quote from comedian Jon Stewart (taken from a Larry King transcript, 12/15/00):

"I don't like the partisanship because the country is not that way. They keep
saying, this country has to heal the partisan divide. We don't have a problem.
All we did is go out and vote. You guys have the problem. Leave us out of it."

Maleah, my fondness for you is well known in most quarters, but I have to
disagree with what you have said here, for I think this quote describes well
the case as regards "animosity and factionalism in the North."  For
those of us who haven't been around for decades and don't know the details
and can't keep track of the players and so on -- we don't have a problem.
All we did is go out and vote.

Please, let us not equate a conflict between individuals with a social
disorder; if those who are trusted (and rightfully so) say so enough times,
enough people who trust them will believe it and act accordingly.

I would that everyone who feels the need to argue would resolve it, of
course, but failing that, please keep individual issues individual, and
recognize that there are many more people who would not feel any animosity
if they were not told that the north is filled with animosity.

(Much of this is not meant to be directed at Her Excellency Maleah, by the
way -- merely in response to her -- but rather at anyone appropriate.  If
the shoe fits, and so forth...)

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