[Northern] hey everbody

Maleah maleah at mmcable.com
Mon May 14 12:25:53 PDT 2001

Greetings to the North,
    I feel that I must address some of the issues concerning the gryphon

Yes, I know very well that my husband Master Ulf wrote a song about the
North and a gryphon. It was written during a time that we both strongly
believed in a principality but things since have changed drastically to
alter that belief.

I have been accused of being very opiniated in the past so I will now live
up to that image. Here are my opinions and you can take them for what they
are worth.

There is way too much animosity and factionalism in the North right now for
a principality to live long beyond its inception. I say this for many
reasons which I will happily disucss with any of you if you but ask me.

Who decided that the Northern Regional Warlord and the North would be
represented by HE Sigen's PERSONAL badge????  I am not stating ill intent on
Sigen's part, I believe that she acts out of her own sense of right, but the
impression is there if only because so many of us have NOT been consulted
about what we would like to see as an emblem for the North. If the Northern
army is going to wear a personal badge then I think they all should wear
butterflies on their tuncis (I am joking here).

If a symbol is to truly represent the North and all its people then bring it
out for full discussion, STOP making changes without consulting the rest of
us. STOP the appearance of "it's a done deal so just shut up and accept it."
Again let me say, I DO NOT say this is the motivation, but the appearance is
there with the actions that have taken place to date. None of us were
consulted about colors, charges, or anything else except the few that Sigen
chose to share the idea with.  This is NOT unity, it breeds factionalism
simply BECAUSE it was not done in a public forum. If you want a principality
then you should certainly include us ALL in the decision making. Anything
else is viewed as one small group trying to force feed the rest of us with
their own wishes and does nothing but foster enmity. Let me say one more
time, I am NOT accusing Sigen of anything, I am pointing out the appearance
that has come about surrounding the entire situation.

If there is going to be something done towards a badge or anything else to
do with a principality then EVERYONE needs to be consulted. The hearaldry
for the North should go through the Nordsteorra herald, the logical office
to handle such. I know when and where and how long ago the gryphon symbol
was drawn up. I still disagree that it has been in common use by the North
for many years. The first real public use was on the banner given to the NR
Warlord last month and the tabard worn by Owen ap Aeddan last month. One
song, one banner and one tabard do not constitute common usage, no matter
how nice the song.

The results of the polling were ambiguous at best since less than half of
our paid membership responded. No matter what their motivation or lack
thereof, less than half of the numbers is NOT a good representation in ANY
survey. Yes, Lord Robert, the world is shaped by the doers, but never forget
history. Spartucus and the American and French Revolutions are prime
examples of what decisions taken by the few without consent of the many can
bring about. It's time to take this entire process out from under the table
and place it squarely and openly in front of everyone.


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