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Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at mmcable.com
Mon May 14 15:55:16 PDT 2001

Then Burke said:
> I must disagree with some of the things you have said here.  Anyone who
> ever run voluntary surveys will tell you that 30% to 40% response is very
> normal.  Getting almost 50% is considered exceptional.  Remember that this

117 out of 342?  That's still around 34%, Burke.  I think you hit the wrong
key on the calculator.  And this isn't a survey about siding of Betty

> use the normally accepted industry method of reviewing a survey, you would
> assume that the non-voters would be split about the same percentages as
> voters on the issues at hand.  While I know that the percentages in the
> non-voting populace are not the same as the voting populace, you also can
> not make the distinction that everyone who did not vote is against these
> issues.

Well, I can say that most of the people I have spoken with who did not send
in a survey were "No" votes, and didn't feel the un-official survey worth
their time.  Again, this is a slightly different situation than an ordinary

You said of Baroness Maleah:
> I am sorry that you did not avail
> yourself of the opportunity to attend one of these sessions, but please
> don't defame those who did by implying that this was done under the table
> or in someone's living room.

She didn't, Burke.  She NEVER said, NOR implied, that those sessions were
under the table.  I just reread the message to make sure.  You should
re-read her message.  And anyone that may have felt "defamed" after your

FURTHERMORE... She went far out of her way in that message to make sure she
spoke only of appearances.  She ended it, though, with some hint that there
might be more to this process than has been done in the open.

There has been.  You and I both know that the name and armory were decided
upon years ago.  Please see my previous response to this thread.  While that
is no secret, it is also not common knowledge.  With something so
potentially explosive as the "p-word", everything (and I mean everything)
needs to be handled with padded kid gloves and done in an open field far
from fragile structures.

Master Ulf

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