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Mon May 14 16:29:59 PDT 2001

I'm sorry but I feel I have to quote Bjorn by saying, "Let's start calling a
spade a shovel."

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>You said of Baroness Maleah:
> > I am sorry that you did not avail
> > yourself of the opportunity to attend one of these sessions, but please
> > don't defame those who did by implying that this was done under the
> > or in someone's living room.
>She didn't, Burke.  She NEVER said, NOR implied, that those sessions were
>under the table.

Thus spoke Maleah, "It's time to take this entire process out from under the
table and place it squarely and openly in front of everyone."

That was from the letter on Mon, 14 May 2001 14:25:53.

>I just reread the message to make sure.

Are you sure you read the right letter?

>You should re-read her message.

I did.  Maybe you should too...

I know this will probably only lead to more strife but I'm getting real
tired of dancing around the truth...

Besides, I haven't got the rhythm for it anyway...

Ivar Burlufotr
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