[Northern] hey everbody

Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at mmcable.com
Tue May 15 00:30:47 PDT 2001

Ivar said:
> I'm sorry but I feel I have to quote Bjorn by saying, "Let's start calling
> spade a shovel."

Let me give you another... "Uff-da!"

You quoted me, quoting Burke:
> >You said of Baroness Maleah:
> > > I am sorry that you did not avail
> > > yourself of the opportunity to attend one of these sessions, but
> > > don't defame those who did by implying that this was done under the
> >table
> > > or in someone's living room.
> >
> >She didn't, Burke.  She NEVER said, NOR implied, that those sessions were
> >under the table.

Then you quoted her:
> Thus spoke Maleah, "It's time to take this entire process out from under
> table and place it squarely and openly in front of everyone."

Then you said (and quoted me in the middle here):
> That was from the letter on Mon, 14 May 2001 14:25:53.
> >I just reread the message to make sure.
> Are you sure you read the right letter?
> >You should re-read her message.
> I did.  Maybe you should too...

Your logic has eluded me.  I see Maleah talking about the entire process.
In her message she speaks of tabards and tunics and banners and principality
movements and Burke's polling.  Those would be parts of the "entire
process", as well as the other parts not listed.  She DIDN'T talk about
Burke's principality discussion sessions. Burke made a connection that
wasn't there and accused her of defaming those who attended with her

I kind of find it hard to see her defaming those who attended when she
didn't talk about them, and when her only comment about moving things out
from under the table was in reference to the "entire process".

Uff-da.  Your turn to re-read.

Baron Ulf

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