[Northern] A plea, (long) was hey everbody

Lori Campbell LCAMPBEL at ossm.edu
Mon May 14 17:31:37 PDT 2001

Robert writes:
> I attended several of the Principality discussions that took place
> over the last year or so. <snip>...what
> I didn't hear in the meetings I attended were people who were
> against us becoming a principality at this time and were willing
> to stand up and say so and why.  The people who were rumored
> to be anti-principality were not attending the meetings.

I can only speak for Barn and I, but we had several reasons for
not attending the meetings.  Here's a few:

First, we were so strongly opposed to the concept that we felt
the issue would be better served if we were not there to give our
opinions (sort-of an "if you can't say something good, don't say
anything" mentality).  In fact, we've avoided making public
statements about the issue at all for that same reason.

Second, we had the not-so-pleasant experience of attending a
northern principality meeting several years ago where we spoke
openly about our views.  After the meeting we were cornered (by
friends) and told in no uncertain terms that our negativity wasn't
appreciated or wanted.

Third (and most important to us), we didn't want to be the
scapegoats who get blamed if the principality movement doesn't take
off this time around.  We were trying very hard not to do anything
to earn us that dubious honor.  (For the record, it hasn't worked).
We've already heard from any number of people that we are *leading* a
movement to sabotage the principality idea and crush Northern unity.
Yeah, and I'm selling ocean front property in Kansas, too.

Again, we didn't "boycott" the meetings because we weren't willing
to give our viewpoints.  Has anyone ever known us to be shy about
saying what we think?  We're sorry our lack of participation may
have been perceived as "we don't care." That certainly isn't the
case.  We wouldn't be here working for our barony if we didn't care
about issues that will ultimately effect it's well being.

It *is* true, at least for Barn and I, that arguing our opinions just
isn't worth doing.  The price is too high.  It costs me valuable time
I could spend having fun and having fun is still the reason I'm
here.  Recent events and discussions, though, have gone a long way
towards convincing me that it is my responsibility to share my
opinions.  I've definitely been taking the easy road around this
issue and it hasn't changed the inevitable outcome as far as the
rumor mill is concerned.  I guess when it comes right down to it,
it is much better to take the blame/credit for stuff I actually do or

Kat  >^.,.^<

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