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Mon May 14 18:12:09 PDT 2001

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Greetings unto the list,
I write this for clarification.

Ten years ago, AS XXVI, in December of that year, at Wiesenfeurer Yule revel and Kingdom Eisteddfod, His Majesty Inman was on the throne.  I was northern regional chronicler at the time.  At that event, all of the regional officers and all of the nobility were strongly requested to a meeting held at that event.

We were presented with the possibility of forming a principality by several people who shall remain nameless to avoid any more controversy and "pointing of fingers".  This was presented solely to the officers and nobility for the express reasoning of "we were the ones who would be the incipient principality's officers and nobility."  As regional chronicler, it was expected that I would be assigned the task of starting the "principality's" newsletter.

During that meeting, (which involved *extremely* strong feelings being expressed throughout the couple of hours) we were "presented" with the possibility of a device that certain people had already gone to the trouble of drawing up.  This device included a griffin gripping a Black Star.  The griffin had a collar around his neck to emphasize that we were still attached to Ansteorra.

I was never asked my opinion of the prospective device at any time either prior, during, or after the meeting.  I do not recall ever being asked to participate in a survey asking what device I saw representing the north.  Nor has any survey *ever* been sent out requesting input on any device, for that matter.

There is (again) people wanting to display a griffin as representing the north.  If the griffin was taken from that earlier device (I don't believe it was a coincidence), then most of the north who was not playing 10 years ago was _not even offered the chance_ at choosing a device.

Just to set the record straight - the griffin-as-the-north has been pushed on the north as a device for at least 10 years.  I still don't recall ever having been asked my opinion of using a griffin.....and I've been active in the north for almost 19 years now.

Mistress Claryce Rapheal Orfevre

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