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> Who decided that the Northern Regional Warlord and the North would be
>  represented by HE Sigen's PERSONAL badge????  I am not stating ill intent
>  Sigen's part, I believe that she acts out of her own sense of right, but
>  impression is there if only because so many of us have NOT been consulted
>  about what we would like to see as an emblem for the North. If the Northern
>  army is going to wear a personal badge then I think they all should wear
>  butterflies on their tuncis (I am joking here).

I believe that *this* NR Warlord decided to adopt the symbol for himself.  I
don't believe that he consulted anyone,  but I could be wrong.  He certainly
did not consult me.  Whatever you may *think*, I have not ever asked anyone
to wear a griffin in any form.  I would also point out that there is no
Northern army.  There *are* lots of fighters in the north who like the
griffin.  There are many others who don't.  I have NOT proposed the griffin
for the NR symbol, should we become a principality, though I may.  I am
trying to register it as a personal badge.  If the region likes it and wants
it for it's symbol, I will release it.  If you have something you like,
propose it.

>  If a symbol is to truly represent the North and all its people then bring
>  out for full discussion, STOP making changes without consulting the rest of
>  us. STOP the appearance of "it's a done deal so just shut up and accept
>  Again let me say, I DO NOT say this is the motivation, but the appearance
>  there with the actions that have taken place to date. None of us were
>  consulted about colors, charges, or anything else except the few that Sigen
>  chose to share the idea with.  This is NOT unity, it breeds factionalism
>  simply BECAUSE it was not done in a public forum. If you want a
>  then you should certainly include us ALL in the decision making. Anything
>  else is viewed as one small group trying to force feed the rest of us with
>  their own wishes and does nothing but foster enmity. Let me say one more
>  time, I am NOT accusing Sigen of anything, I am pointing out the appearance
>  that has come about surrounding the entire situation.

Maybe you missed this in a previous post:
>>I can assure all of you that there was no malicious intent in using the
griffin.  Lots of people liked it, and asked if they could use it.  Since I
had never heard *anything*, and being unfamiliar with the rules of the
college, I said sure.  <<

Further, No One has said that the griffin is anything official.  Many people
have chosen the symbol as a rallying point.  This choice was personal, and in
no way coerced by anyone.  No one has made any changes to anything. There is
nothing to change.  Nothing has been under the table, or hidden.  It has been
right out in the open for all to see.  I am not ashamed of the fact that I am
very much for principality.

For all that you say that you are not accusing me of doing these things, only
my name has been mentioned.  Many of the things you have written would lead
uninformed people to some very wrong conclusions.

Everything about the principality process has been very public.  The
discussion meetings were announced well in advance, and were held in many
parts of the region.  If anyone who plays with any regularity didn't attend
one or more, it was by choice.  If people choose not to participate, that is
their choice, but then who will bring their voice to the table?



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