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Jerry and Teresa Herring herring at rectec.net
Mon May 14 18:44:46 PDT 2001

I know we all have a lot of feeling about these issues. I don't want to be
negative here at all so if I sound that way I apologize right off.
I want to ask a few questions and then I will say a few things and then I
will go back into the email masses.

Question 1. Does anyone have any other suggestions for a symbol of the

I have heard the Griffon suggested, I have heard the Wolf suggested.  I
personally like the Griffon. Why because I look at it as the best marriage
of the Lion of Ansteorra and the Falcon of Calontir. I also like it because
of that cool definition where the Griffon is defined as the King of all

Question 2. What is the best method to help decide on these issues?

I think that if we want to try and make everyone happy we should form a
committee made up from members of each group in the North. Each group in the
North might choose a representative from the Populace. This individual and
the Royal Representative of that group (Baron/Baroness or Seneschal) could
be the representatives of the group. This council could then convene at
events to discuss the issues of heraldic devices and the other issues
involved. This multi-group council is the best way to ensure communication
and representation in all of the groups. This way anyone who has input for
this process would have a local voice to share it with and to take that
input to the committee. Does anyone else have an idea about this?

Question 3. Why are people speaking like the decision about the Principality
was not made available to them?

We have been working towards and talking about the Principality issue for
the last 10 years(off and on) in the last 5 years it has started to come to
more fruition. Discussion where held all over the north for the last year.
Discussion on the Principality that were made open to everyone. When it came
down to this poll the Seneschal of each group received a copy not only of
the Polling forms but also lists of the pros and cons for and against the
People who did not vote in the poll I think either did so because they did
not want to, did not care, or because some one in change of their group
shielded them. ( I am not pointing fingers) I am just listing possible

Question 4. Why are so many people reacting so negatively now?

I don't know how many people remember this but Northern Regional Warlord
last year had Griffons all over the banners given to all of the Champions.
No one complained then. Why complain now? I have been playing here for the
Last 14 years (off and on) and I have seen the Griffon used as a symbol for
the North for the last 4 at least...People from groups all over the North
are now wearing little medallions with Griffons one them. Medallions that
are becoming a symbol of the unity they feel towards the North...is that a
bad thing? Why don't we try to take this opportunity and turn all of these
factions that a few people are talking about and give them a chance to speak
out? I was at several of the previous Northern Regional Events and I heard a
lot of  people comment on the apparent lack of these factions. IF these
factions are out there then please let them come forward state their issues
and lets work together then to unify our region...whether it is to become a
principality or simply a stronger part of the whole. If your interests are
in making the Region a better place then I would ask you please seek a
resolution to your conflicts (please do it civilly and with honor but just
do it).

If we just try we all can forge ahead into a stronger brighter future.

Thank you for listening to me and I truly hope that I did not offend any one
but perhaps in some small way to inspire someone (anyone) to seek a better

In Service,
Laird Ian Dun Gillan

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