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Mon May 14 19:17:34 PDT 2001

    We would be happy to talk to you or anyone else about this subject at
any time. We have never made a secret of our views or our reasons. The only
way to resolve any of this in a healthy fashion is to publicly speak of our
concerns, desires and actions. I do not now nor have I ever expected
everyone to agree with me but I do expect everyone's views in the North to
be considered and will fight in whatever arena necessary to make that

Yours respectfully and in service to Namron and Ansteorra,
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> Ulf,
> I am again impressed with your delicacy and tact.
> I would like to know why you and Maleah do not think a Principality is a
> idea. I don't think so, either, but I'm so new to the Game that I'm sure
> reasons are much different than yours. (I'll be happy to share them, if
> interested.)
> Regards,
> Gwilim the Mummer
> (Wiesenfeuer Herald)

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