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Jennene Stanley mooharpist at mmcable.com
Mon May 14 20:02:13 PDT 2001

Baroness Sigen wrote...

> I believe that *this* NR Warlord decided to adopt the symbol for himself.
> don't believe that he consulted anyone,

Please correct me if I am wrong.

As I recall, the banner and tabard were presented to the Northern Regional
Warlord that very evening after that he won the tournament. So how did he:

1) Decide on the device. (which so happens to be the device that 'Stacia
created and drew, and Sigen is trying to get registered and so happens to be
the device that "a group of people" are trying to push as the emblem of the

2) Get both a tabard and a banner with this device stitched up and ready to
present at court?

Gee, as a seamstress, I'm impressed.

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