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You are wrong.  The tabard belongs to Ld. Owen.  It was a personal gift
given to him by Sigen.  Karl Hungus is the Northern Regional Warlord.

Jean Paul de Sens

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> Baroness Sigen wrote...
> > I believe that *this* NR Warlord decided to adopt the symbol for
> himself.
> I
> > don't believe that he consulted anyone,
> Please correct me if I am wrong.
> As I recall, the banner and tabard were presented to the Northern
> Warlord that very evening after that he won the tournament. So how did
> 1) Decide on the device. (which so happens to be the device that
> created and drew, and Sigen is trying to get registered and so happens
> be
> the device that "a group of people" are trying to push as the emblem
> the
> North)
> 2) Get both a tabard and a banner with this device stitched up and
> to
> present at court?
> Gee, as a seamstress, I'm impressed.
> Anya
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