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Ulf Gunnarsson ulfie at mmcable.com
Tue May 15 00:32:11 PDT 2001

Her Excellency wrote:

> I believe that *this* NR Warlord decided to adopt the symbol for himself.
> don't believe that he consulted anyone,  but I could be wrong.  He
> did not consult me.  Whatever you may *think*, I have not ever asked
> to wear a griffin in any form.  I would also point out that there is no

Correct me if I am wrong.  *This* NR warlord refers to Karl, not Owen,
correct?  And by your statement you are saying that Karl decided to take a
symbol that has been visible recently as his *personal* symbol to rally
people around *this* year.  Which I can understand, since we do not have a
Northen Regional badge of any sort at the moment (though personally I see
nothing wrong with the kingdom ensign: "Or, a mullet of five greater and
five lesser points within a bordure sable")

Also, did you not present Lord Owen with a griffin tabard at NR Warlord, the
design of which is very similar to the badge you submitted to the College of
Heralds last year?

> For all that you say that you are not accusing me of doing these things,
> my name has been mentioned.  Many of the things you have written would
> uninformed people to some very wrong conclusions.

Your name is mentioned because you submitted the badge to the College of
Heralds as your personal badge.  That is a big visible link to the Griffin
Banner, both today and in the Middle Ages.  Back then, the people wearing
someone's personal badge were considered their vassals, their followers, or
their property, or in some way acting on their behalf.  Since the Griffin
maintaining a Black Star has come to be associated with the Northern Region
over the years, through deliberate efforts on the part of a few, that places
you in a sticky position.

In a separate post, you stated:
> You are wrong.  My husband drew my badge... Last time I checked, I was
> married to Thorgrim.  I have seen the badge that Stacia drew... It is not
> badge I was trying to register.  You really should check your facts.

I am going off of memory here, as it has been a couple of years since I
myself saw Mistress 'Stacia's drawing, but I know it had a gold griffin on a
red background holding a Black Star. According to Mistress Claryce, she saw
this device with a collared griffin ten years ago.

I understand Mistress 'Stacia still monitors this list.  'Stacia?  Could you
tell us what the difference is between Baroness Sigen's and yours?

I, too, was given one of the first griffin medallions a little over a year
ago.  And it was given me by the same small group of people who have been
pushing the griffin symbol and the concept of unifying the North under one
banner and the move towards principality for years.  When I say small, I am
talking about less than two dozen.

I am happy, as a bard, that my song had such a great effect in bringing the
North together and promoting all three things from the previous paragraph.
But I do want people to understand something.  This has been a deliberate
movement for years by a small group of people.  Many of their efforts (and
mine at the time) are now bearing fruit.  It is a mark of success for the
power of small change applied over time in effecting large changes.

But I no longer sing that song.  I no longer approve of making those
decisions and those changes from the shadows.  I have seen it done to hurt
and discredit people, and recognize the danger it represents, even in
selfless hands.

What is done, is done.  All I can ask is that we proceed in full daylight,
with full knowledge of where we came from and how we got these ideas.


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