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Sir Burke wrote:

> As usual you haven't done your home work.
>...stupid and outrageous statements like that one....

While the 80% figure may indeed be inaccurate, your statements are unbecoming for one of such noble peerage.  By asserting that Lady Anya "usually" doesn't "do [her] homework", then declaring her statement "stupid and outrageous",  is behaving in the same manner of which you accuse her.

Please avoid such unchivalrous behaviour, especially towards a lady.  It does not become you nor your (double) peerage.

(deep breath)

Now on to the issue at hand:

>A group of people decided that it would be neat if the fighters of the
> norther region were to have common livery when they work as a common army
> (something that every NR Warlord has worked on).  They took an emblem that
> has been associated with the north from many years and put it on a war
> tabard.  They then tried to get everyone excited about the concept of a
> Northern army with common livery.  What is so wrong about that!!!

"A group of people decided" seems to be the crux of the issue.  A small group "deciding" on something and apparently forcing it on to the membership at large without their input.  And an "unofficial poll" should not be the basis for input, in my opinion.  Just because a majority of respondents in a "poll" with only 29.4% paid membership turnout (results of question 3, per Sir Burke's page) think a war tabard is a good idea doesn't necessarily mean the entire region nor the Ansteorran Crown will endorse any symbol chosen by "a group of people", especially given the fact that the heads of Wiesenfuer, Wastelands, and Namron (all groups with dissenting opinions on the principality issue, by the way) were not consulted on this particular symbol.

>...an emblem that has been associated
> with the north from many years...

I have been playing in this region for nine years and do not remember seeing such an emblem.  I'll refer to Master Ulf's and Mistress Claryce's description of events regarding the birth and "tradition" of this emblem.

>They then tried to get everyone excited...

"Everyone" but the Wiesenfuer, Wastelands, and Namron apparently.

> What is so wrong about that!!!

If events happened the way you indicated, then nothing is wrong.  However, the fact that the nobles of Namron, Wastelands, and Wiesenfuer were not consulted on the design on the war tabard indicates that events did not happen as you suggest.

If the North is to have a war tabard that is to be the symbol of an "unofficial Northern Army," I would think that the crown and all the Northern Nobles should be consulted on what is to be on the tabard.  Then they and their charges can have input on the issue, thus making it a true representation of the North.

Lord Thomas of Weathershear


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