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Aunt Dwen auntdwen at peakonline.com
Mon May 14 18:58:15 PDT 2001

Dwen here.  Not going to say much, 'cause we're still remodeling and moving
and there just aren't enough hours in the day.

First, what is it with folks trying to make the Wastelands a Barony?  (This
is a joke, folks)  The nobility here are landless court trash (I can say
that, I am one) and need not be consulted more or differently than any other
member of the populace.  (Please, someone, don't lecture me on my duty to
the Crown as Their court baroness.  I know that.  But it's a personal
responsibility not tied to the shire in which I live.)

Second, I can say that I *have* participated in discussions about the
p-word, notably at Northkeep's Winterkingdom.  At that time I said, as now,
I do not believe the north has the necessary population base nor the
combined will to become a Principality *at this time.*  I am not opposed to
such a move at a later date should conditions change.

Third, and I know this is an old drum, but I'm gonna beat it anyway... NOT
SUBSCRIBE TO THIS OR ANY OTHER LIST!  Some are quite stunned by the
conversations/debates/tirades that occur.  Most others are just unaware.  In
the Wastelands, for instance, two of our strongest families with peerage,
nobility and more have just gotten computers.  Most of our populace choose
not to participate in the lists even when they have a computer.

Fourth, while Sir Burke is correct that a 33% return on a *randomized*
survey is usually considered pretty good, the raw percentages may not be the
most salient issue.  By my read, of those that bothered to vote, Brad Leah,
Wastelands and Wiesenfeuer were not supportive of becoming a Principality at
this time.  Namron's results were equivocal, leaving Rundel, Northkeep,
Mooneschadowe and Eldern Hills as the groups supporting such a move.  While
the raw numbers do support the notion of Principality, the actual number of
groups supporting such a move is at best 3 to 4 against, with one in the
middle.  Would this be the time to institute an electoral college?  No, not
really.  But were I at the Kingdom or corporate level, I would not be
assured that Principality is a good thing with 3 of the groups squarely

Finally, I believe that the whole matter will be put to rest one way or
another with an official polling of the paid membership of the North.  I
would hope that could be done at the soonest possible time.

More than you asked for, but there it is.


Auntie Dwen
House Wizard's Keep
A baroness *in* the Wastelands

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