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> If events happened the way you indicated, then nothing is
> wrong.  However, the fact that the nobles of Namron,
> Wastelands, and Wiesenfuer were not consulted on the
> design on the war tabard indicates that events did not
> happen as you suggest.

Which nobles in the Wastelands need to be consulted?  I
guess we have two, but are they the only ones who get to be
consulted?  Just curious...

> If the North is to have a war tabard that is to be the
> symbol of an "unofficial Northern Army," I would think
> that the crown and all the Northern Nobles should be
> consulted on what is to be on the tabard.  Then they and
> their charges can have input on the issue, thus making it
> a true representation of the North.

There is always going to be a disconnect between the way we
work in our feudal game and the way we are used to being
treated in our democratic "real world".  I would like to put
in a voice that if this comes up, I don't want to have to go
through whichever nobility gets to claim my voice and maybe
just speak for myself.  I can understand going through
nobility in say a barony, but I still think this is more an
issue that should go through the seneschalate.

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